High Cycle Fatigue Testing (HCF)


Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research (WMT&R) provides customizable, high-volume, and extensive scope high cycle fatigue (HCF) testing which can determine fatigue strength of a particular material through a variety of applications including aerospace, automotive, power generation and oil and gas industries providing you with analytical results to understand your materials durability and intended capabilities.

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  • Customizable, Standardized Testing Solutions For Fatigue Testing
  • Axial, 3-Point Bend, 4-Point Bend, Cantilever, and Rotating Beam Test Capabilities
  • ISO, ASTM and Customer-Specified Standardized Testing
  • Temperature Ranges from Cryogenic to 2400F
  • Load Capacities Ranging from 25g to 1,000,000lbs


What Is High Cycle Fatigue Testing?

Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research (WMT&R) provides high cycle fatigue (HCF) services that can help in determining the fatigue strength of a particular material through a variety of tests including but not limited to:

  • Axial Fatigue (ASTM E466)
  • 3-Point Bend Fatigue
  • 4-Point Bend Fatigue
  • Cantilever Fatigue
  • Rotating Beam Fatigue (RR Moore style) 


High cycle fatigue testing is typically conducted on specimens in load/stress control to develop Stress-Life (S-N) Curves.  An S-N Curve is generated by testing samples at a constant load/stress and recording the number of cycles to failure.  The data is then compiled and a best trend fit is applied.  This establishes a relationship between a particular load/stress level and the fatigue life of the material. 


Why Use High Cycle Fatigue Testing?

Understanding this relationship of load/stress level and fatigue life can be imperative to performance of a proper material design for aerospace, aeronautic, automotive, motorsport, ministry of defense, oil/gas, and power generation industries.


High Cycle Fatigue Testing Solutions

WMT&R provides numerous customizable high cycle fatigue tests tailored to ISO and ASTM standards or specific product requirements.  Testing can be conducted at temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 2400F and at load capacities ranging from 25g to 1,000,000lbs.

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