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WMT&R Maintains it's own Full Service Machine Shop.

Although the major emphasis at WMT&R has always been on material testing, more than 50 years ago, the company had the wisdom and foresight, to see the distinct advantage of an in-house machine shop.

WMT&R's high technology Machine Shop encompasses a clean, temperature controlled environment and state of the art equipment including: CNC lathes, CNC mills, wire EDMs, plunge EDMs, CNC cylindrical grinders, CNC surface grinder, and notching low-stress grinders. In addition, the shop utilizes pneumatic tubes and conveyor belts to facilitate movement of materials and test samples. Coolants are recycled to remove pollutants and metal particles. Machine and grinding chips are carefully separated and graded and converted into "hockey-puck" wafers for salvaging. The shop is air conditioned to maintain a constant temperature year-round.

WMT&R machines all test specimens onsite, thereby eliminating the delay of out-sourcing. Our reputation for quality machining and superior turnaround times brings us production work from other laboratories and mills. With our advanced in-house capabilities, and substantial engineering experience, we are known as specialists in low stress grinding and machining subsize specimens to very close tolerances.

In addition to machining standard specimens, WMT&R has the proven ability and resources, on site, to custom design and machine fixturing for testing finished parts, odd shapes, and difficult/exotic materials. We are constantly seeking out new machining technologies and methods to make our service to you better, quicker, and more cost effective. It is to your advantage that we have this full range of complete capabilities fully integrated into one company, on one site.

With a state-of-the-art in-house machine shop, augmented by other supportive departments, WMT&R offers a definitive competitive advantage to our customers. In addition, our fully integrated laboratories enable WMT&R to continue providing the same quality and service that is a hallmark of our material testing. ON TIME DELIVERY is our commitment to all customers.


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