Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Here at WMT&R the Mechanical Engineering Lab is staffed by specialists in product evaluation of actual proto-type components and sub-assemblies. From custom design and fabrication of fixturing, to conducting the test, our mechanical engineers have the experience and resources to assist the various testing departments in delivering data to customers in an efficient and timely manner.

To ensure there are no delays in custom design work, a specialty machine shop is assigned to the Mechanical Engineering Lab. The specialty machine shop is responsible for making new fixtures, modifying current fixtures, and for manufacturing special fixturing for proto-type testing.

Trailer under carriages, bicycle parts, artificial hip joints, chain used in the mining industry, aircraft supports and railroad car components are among the testing challengers the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory has successfully conquered in the past.

The innovativeness of these engineers, along with the ever evolving needs of our customers, means that there is no limit to what they may accomplish.



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