Research & Development

Research and Development

The Research and Development Department at WMT&R has an extensive range of testing capabilities.

We are experts in tests such as: Spectrum Fatigue, Fatigue Crack Growth Rate (da/dN),Creep Crack Growth Rate (C*), and Elastic-Plastic Fracture Toughness (JIC). Our R&D staff is also responsible for unique design, testing, and analysis, often required by customers.

We have the capability of testing fatigue specimens under variable amplitude load or spectrum loading. This type of loading is essential to the aircraft industry for such components as landing gear and stabilizer bars. Our people are experienced in running various custom spectrum provided by the customer. Data reported on this test includes number of segments to failure and a record of the peaks for the last spectrum.

The R&D department continues to design and maintain all of the cutting-edge automated testing systems that set WMT&R apart from the competition. Unquestionably resourceful, knowledgeable, and innovative, the R&D department is staffed by experienced professionals in engineering, computer programming, electronics, and mechanics. Our commitment to in-house automation systems allows customized programs for specialized testing as well as user friendly individually tailored data output. This means you won't be "stuck" with someone else's format. You can request your own format for faster, easier data analysis at your company.

Creating data acquisition and analysis programming is one more way we stay ahead of the crowd. New standards and test methods are constantly being developed. WMT&R is not dependent upon outside software vendors to supply new programs for new standards or upgrading software for updated standards. This saves you time, and saving time is a competitive advantage.

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