Quality Assurance

NADCAP and A2LA Accredited

WMT&R has established a rigorous Quality Assurance Program for the conduct of work under its jurisdiction. Our quality system (accredited by NADCAP and A2LA for Mechanical and Chemical Testing) assures that all test specimens are properly handled, machined, tested, examined, and inspected in accordance with your requirements. The mission of the Quality Assurance Department is to maintain our established standards of quality, and for the development and application of the systems and procedures necessary to meet or exceed the quality requirements of our customers.

The Quality Assurance Department conducts frequent and vigorous internal audits to ensure the highest possible level of quality in support of the services we provide to you.

WMT&R Inspection Department inspects and measures all specimens prior to releasing them to the labs. Aside from standard measuring devices such as Micrometers, Calipers, Digital Indicators and an Optical Comparator, the Inspection Department utilizes advanced metrology devices, including Laser Gage and a non-contact Optical Measuring Machine, to ensure the most accurate, repeatable measurements of specimens.

Our Inspection Department is staffed three shifts per day to ensure the flow of specimens to testing is not delayed unnecessarily. Measurement data is also channeled back to production management for Statistical Process Control purposes, thereby ensuring the highest quality of specimen preparation.

WMT&R's Data Management Inspection Matrix and Specimen Bar Code Identity System captures measurement results at the point of inspection (in most cases digitally direct from the measurement device) and transfers that data to the appropriate testing program electronically. This fully integrated information safeguard was developed, in-house, to effectively control the quality of data delivered to the testing laboratories.


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